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Choosing a ring for your Significant Other is a big decision.


You want to find something that represents your love and, more simply, something that she loves to wear.  There are a huge number of options, and while any choice is ‘good’, you’re looking for the best. The five options below are the most common setting styles at Charlotte’s Diamonds Direct—reviewing them will help you sift through a sea of diamonds to find the perfect fit for your soul mate.




A classic choice pairing a band and a single stone, this is an excellent choice if you find an amazing individual diamond and want to display it without distraction. Refined and understated, a solitaire setting has timeless beauty. This is also a good option if you’re playing with styles such as a braided band.



You and your loved one are now ‘on the road’ together—why not pave it in diamonds? This style has a series of small diamonds set along the band, giving the appearance of a continuous gleam. A pavé setting will have a beautiful shine and sparkle from any angle.



Think of a channel setting as a textural variation on the pavé. Instead of smaller stones being set atop the band, diamonds are placed within a groove. This has the effect of framing both the accents and the main stone, giving the ring inward depth while adding a bit of pop.



A show of gratitude to the angelic presence in your life, a halo setting amps up the sparkle by surrounding the main stone with a corona of smaller diamonds. Emitting a brilliant prismatic effect when it catches the light, these rings can also increase the visual size of the centerpiece diamond. Bold and beautiful, with this choice even your ring gets a ring.


Three Stone

Echoing the flanking effect of a pavé or channel, a three-stone setting ups the ante by having two equally stunning stones on either side of the center diamond. A style with statement, this is your choice if you just can’t choose between a few diamonds—give her all three!



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