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Briefcases and satchels do the trick just fine, but sometimes two shoulder straps are the best way to move your daily stuff through the world. Anyone who decided backpacks were an ‘immature’ fashion choice has become sorely mistaken—some of the most respected designers are creating takes on the semester-abroad essential, and some of our favorite bag makers have been putting out smart knapsacks for years. Maybe it’s due to a continuing admiration for street style. Maybe it’s because everyone suddenly realized we need a better way to cart around our junk. Whatever the reason, the backpack is back, and TRC has plenty of options to fit your lifestyle.


You’re a Frequent Traveler

Moore & Giles uses its own leather to make ideal travel bags that only improve with added miles. In fact, materials and products are inspired by their designers’ own journeys. Utilizing Moore & Giles premium leathers, the Crews backpack combines the best of captain’s quarters luxury with a rugged explorer aesthetic.


You Like to Keep Things Simple

Troubadour is your choice. Clean designs and simple colors (all-black being the most popular) make for elegant additions to your on-the-go look. Interiors are spacious but simple—no extraneous features, just intuitively laid out space for your important belongings. Padding even protects your valuables while providing your back with the most comfort possible. Neat and minimal, these are the ‘A to B’ bags you’re looking for.


You Savor the Unique

Ladies, take a look at handmade backpacks from Massimo Palomba. Each bag has a lived-in, one-of-a-kind feel, with relaxed leather and suede lending the construction a haute slouch. Great for work or play, a Massimo Palomba backpack will be wholly yours from the start.



Whichever pack you choose, you’ll enjoy the hands-free freedom—whether your destination is a nearby town or another continent. So toss some straps over your shoulders and head out into the world, well prepared and looking great.

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