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The Ledbury brand was born after two Pauls from the American South—Paul Trible and Paul Watson—graduated from Oxford University’s business school in 2008. Since the market had just crashed, they figured their future lay outside of finance. They decided to learn all they could about shirt making, and apprenticed with world-renowned London shirt maker Robert Emmett. “Be the best, make the best, and the rest will follow,” their mentor said—and they took his advice. In 2012, Trible and Watson started Ledbury, a high-end shirt company. Today Ledbury selects fabrics from Europe’s finest mills and combines them with subtle innovations like a lower second button, creating shirts that are truly best in class. Today “the Pauls” have expanded Ledbury from shirts to a full line of quality menswear. On your next visit to TRC, check out their latest collection.


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