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Jewelry is personal.

If you connect with a designer who captures your style, it’s like magic. For you, that designer could be Marie Laure Chamorel. After graduating from Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris and working as a fashion designer, Chamorel founded her namesake jewelry collection in 2006. She creates long necklaces and cuffs, often blending embroidery and antique beads with sheer fabrics. Her tastes have been shaped by the City of Lights, but during a trip to Bali, she was influenced by artisans there, so she incorporated subtle elements of tribal design into a new collection. Voila! The Luxume collection was born. With pendants, solid silver and silk charm bracelets, and long, dangling earrings dipped in gold and rare platinum-like ruthenium, the collection is a blend of Eastern craftsmanship and Western design. Chamorel’s creations are the best of both worlds, but their magic is unworldly.



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