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CG _ interview


How long have you been with TRC ?

I arrived in the spring of 2016.


What do you like most about your job ?

I really enjoy all the amazing people I get to meet everyday. Some of the most influential people who frequent our store have great impact on our city, and it is a privilege to serve them.  


What would be your biggest strength ?

I've got GRIT - and -  I'm incredibly patient. 


What past experiences have helped in your present position ?

I had a professional season when I worked as Costume Designer in Film & Television. It is an incredible industry and I really enjoyed serving in that community.
So much of my job at that time included heavy research ( which I loved the most ) and most importantly, translating the directors vision of the character thru their clothing.
It was incredibly rewarding to watch the actors transform as soon as they put on their costumes. Ironically I see this same transformation with our clients in the store. They come out of the dressing room with a piece that works perfectly, and you can instantly see them light up. It's a joy to see the garment resonate with their personal character, and to watch them connect with the clothing. 


Do you have a favorite pastime ?

More like a favorite "past time" -- would have to be my very 'odd job' as a Airport Baggage Handler. I really enjoyed the physical labor, the sunsets/sunrises, working in the rain, and most of all the travel. I did it for 6 years. Felt like summer camp. These days I pass the time by simply enjoying the time. 


Which is your favorite season ?

Spring. Everything is full, bright, and awakened.


Do you have a favorite designer ?

I've really grown to love Italian line HERNO. Their outwear is not only beautiful, but also functional. We carry it in the store each season, and I'm always so impressed with the intellect behind their designs. I'm also always impressed with the work of Italian handbag designer Massimo Palomba - probably the best Italian leather work I've ever seen.


What is the best advice you would give a client  ?

Your return on investment should be joy.