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Doug _ interview


How long have you been with TRC ? 

17 years and counting.


Whats you favorite brand ?

I find myself continually fascinated with with Kiton and Brunello Cucinelli. Kiton because of the quality of workmanship, love and romance that goes into every garment. Also, in most cases, you won’t see yourself coming down the street because the fabrics they use are exclusive to them. Kiton’s design teams are always creating new color combinations season after season. The Kiton clothing is always an experience or mood changer when worn. With Brunello Cucinelli, I love the way they continue to push the envelope with fresh wearable ideas. Just when you think they’ve created an awesome item, the very next season there’s something new that makes you say, WOW!


A favorite item in the store right now ?

My favorite item in the store right now is a beautiful navy and black, silk/wool sport coat, which comes from a line that we’ve been toying around with for a few seasons… Sartoria Partenopea. Made very much like the Neapolitan clothing maker Kiton, Sartoria hugs the the body a little closer with a much softer, rounder shoulder.


What has been your favorite customer interaction in your time here at the shop ?

My favorite interaction actually comes from working with all of my clients. Just knowing that you have assisted someone in need of clothing for a special event, a last minute function or needing to update their wardrobe gives me great satisfaction. Just knowing that you have played a part in making someone feel good about themselves through their appearance gives me great joy.


If you could go see any music live tonight, who would you go see ?

I would elect to go see in my opinion one of the greatest musicians of our time…Prince. Even though he’s not so much in the main stream any longer, his music is timeless and continues to be an innovator musically. Prince still does it the old fashioned way, writing the music, playing all the instruments, etc.


One piece of clothing you own that you just can’t imagine living without ?

I actually have two items. My navy blazer and brown suede shoes. Two items that can take you anywhere in the world.


One style tip you always give your clients ?

Proper tailoring of your clothing makes a huge difference between looking well dressed and looking shabby.