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Katie _ interview


How long have you been with TRC ? 

7.5 months


What do you like most about your job ?

My co-workers are respectful and a pleasure to be with.


What is the best advice you would give a client ?

My  honest opinion.


What past experiences have helped in your present position ?

38 years of trying to please the public.


In one word - how do you define TRC ?



Do you have any advice for the next generation on personal style ?

Wear what makes you feel great !


What is your favorite season ?



Who is your favorite musical artist ?

All of Motown. 


Do you have a favorite past time ?

Entertaining in my home.. 


What is the best advice you would give a friend ?

Never look back at what was, look ahead at what can be. 


What would be your biggest strength ?



How do you want to be remembered  ?

As being kind, generous and honest.