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Paul _ interview


How long have you been with TRC ?

5 years


Whats you favorite brand ?

Boglioli is a great brand…..love the style and fit. Also a big fan of Sartoria Partenopea – I believe you get the biggest bang for your buck with this brand. Exceptional fabrics, construction, and a great fit.


Whats your favorite item in the store right now ?

We are heading into the autumn/winter season (my favorite time of year) so I’m in love with everything rolling in. I like the darker colors and heavier fabrics. I really enjoy layering pieces and we just received a navy quilted outerwear jacket from Brunello Cucinelli that would go with everything.


What has been your favorite customer interaction in your time at TRC ?

One of my clients is an analyst for ESPN and he is on college game day during football season. So he will come in and we will pick out a suit, shirt, tie, and pocket square every week. It’s always fun when you get to pick out the entire outfit.


If you could go see any music live tonight, who would you go see ?

Deftones…..their concerts have so much energy. It’s hard to leave a show and not be fulfilled.


Whats one piece of clothing you own that you just can’t imagine living without ?

Navy sport coat and a dark pair of denim.


What’s one style tip you always give your clients ?

Be confident. There is a certain nonchalance and comfort level necessary in order for a man to look his best. Don’t let the clothes wear you.

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